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RELONAT’s core business is the management of corporate relocation programs for businesses at varying degrees of outsource – offering fully outsourced to stand-alone solutions.  In addition to overseeing relocation programs, we manage foreclosed properties and administer mortgage referral programs for financial institutions and offer services to individuals relocating without the assistance of a corporation. 


As a smaller company, we have instilled in our people a sense of autonomy and ownership that is conducive to creativity, passion and innovation. We believe in maintaining clear lines of communication between management and staff which allow us to respond to requests and implement improvements quickly, leading to a more satisfying client experience. 



The RELONAT Advantage: 

  • 20+ years experience in the industry;
  • 95% employee satisfaction rating on overall service (2005);
  • Timely, pro-active, professional advice delivered by an experienced, fully-trained staff;
  • True single point-of-contact;
  • Flexibility in the design of your mobility programs;
  • Complete range of services - Canada wide, cross-border & global;
  • Strong commitment to exceptional customer service and cost management;
  • Open broker policy;
  • Access to a world-renowned real estate network;
  • Leading-edge technology & service integrity;
  • Transparency and simplicity in pricing and billing;
  • A dynamic corporate structure;
  • Completely bilingual - English and French;
  • Supplier management;
  • Reporting services & service measurement tools
  • Pricing models that make more sense in today's cost containment environment.

Contact us today for a copy of our corporate brochure by calling

1-877-777-0790 or by e-mailing info@relonat.com.