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Our program management solutions are designed to assist you in managing your overall relocation program and objectives. Our account managers are well versed in relocation and are available to meet with you to discuss any challenges or issues you may be facing.


Policy Consulting


Our account manager will assist you in developing a relocation policy or policies that reflects the specific needs of your company, takes into account best practices, is regarded as fair by your employees, is benchmarked to reflect industry standards and ensures cost effectiveness.


Policy & Process Training


Our team is available to train all client contacts that deal with workforce mobility on the relocation policy, processes and roles and responsibilities. Relocation can be complex and having a well-trained team increases employee satisfaction and thus retention.


Outsourcing Analysis


Our account manager will analyze your current processes and advise you as to which components can be outsourced in a manner that will be beneficial to your company.


Group Move Management


Project management and intense planning are the keys to a successful group move. From the initial cost analysis and specific policy design  through to group and individual counseling, RELONAT ensures a complete service for a smooth transition.



Implementation plans for new services or for new clients


An implementation plan is established in consultation with the client for the introduction of a new service, revised relocation policy or for service delivery of the relocation policy and procedures of a new client. All phases are implemented and monitored and any issues are reported to the client.