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International transfers require a greater amount of planning &  

co-ordination than domestic transfers. RELONAT has partnerships with global providers and manages each file from start to finish. We assess your needs and tailor a program or recommend particular services depending on the location your employee is moving to and from.


Solutions include the majority of services stated under departure and destination as well as the following tailored strictly for international purposes:



Cross-Cultural Training


Moving to a different country requires knowing the culture, business etiquette, politics and economics of the host country. Our service is designed to assist the expatriate and their family understand the culture of the host country in order to better adapt to the new community. 



Language Training


Conducting business in a foreign country and getting along on a day-to-day basis often requires learning the language. This service is designed to help the relocating family assimilate into the new country by learning the language in the shortest possible time frame.



Crossing Borders


These solutions are designed to provide assistance to clients and their relocating employees when dealing with the taxation and visa and immigration issues involved in moving to a different country.