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RELONAT was incorporated in 1986 as an independent company by the National Bank of Canada and Pierre Titley. In 2004, Pierre Titley became the sole owner of RELONAT.


The company was originally created to respond to the home sale needs of corporate clients relocating employees from or within the unique Quebec real estate market. Operations were then expanded to offer the home sale program across Canada in 1996, across the U.S. in 1999 and to most locations around the globe in 2005.  


Destination and auxiliary services were developed and established in 1998 and outsource management was introduced in 2000.  In early 2006, RELONAT recognized the need for reporting that would assist the client with their cost management objectives and expanded our Reporting Solutions to include categories such as cost management, program management and performance management reporting.


Today, RELONAT offers its clients the knowledge and experience of our staff combined with the quality of our supplier networks, technology and range of service offerings to ensure relocating employees a smooth transition while keeping costs to a minimum.