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RELONAT offers a full suite of reporting options that are available in different formats and can be queried for specified time periods to meet your requirements.


Cost Management Reporting


RELONAT will provide you with a reporting solution to aid you with cost management and decision-making. Reports include the Relocation Budget, Yearly Comparison Expense Snapshot, and Out of Policy Requests.


Performance Management Reporting


This category of reporting measures RELONAT and third party supplier performance as well as employee satisfaction. Reports include Relocating Employee Survey Statistics and Comments and Service Level Agreements. 



Year-End Reporting


In order to assist your company with year-end requirements, RELONAT offers reporting for accrual, taxation, and U.S. tax coding purposes. 



Accounting Reporting


This category of reporting is designed to assist the client with the management of RELONAT invoicing. Reports include Monthly Statement, Statement of Account and Closing Statement.



Home Sale Reporting


This type of reporting provides information on home sale statistics during a specified period.  Reports include employee-owned properties, take-over properties, third party sales, days on the market, property updates, average sale price, gain/loss averages.


Program Management Reporting


This category of reporting allows the client to track all files, types of transfers, and active and cancelled services as well as monitor the progress on files and track exceptions that were not approved.