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RELONAT is committed to providing clients and their relocating employees with the very best service that relies on a well-trained and experienced staff, a promise to deliver clear and concise processes and procedures, and a strong belief in technology and innovation.   We are further committed to continuous education for our staff and our clients.


Our employees, sites and documentation are fully bilingual - English and French and our partnerships with selected suppliers allow us to offer assistance in other languages.


We treat relocating families with fairness, consistency and respect.



"I was very impressed with the professionalism and advice when it came to my relocation. This made the move very comfortable.”

Relocating employee of a crown corporation



“Excellent service from beginning to end. We were taken care of exceptionally well. Thank you to the team!!!" 

Relocating employee of an international copper and nickel company



“We were overwhelmed by the help and advice we received in helping us relocate from Sundre to Airdrie. Thank you for making our move less stressful. Your services are of the highest standards.” 

Relocating employee of a crown corporation